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Brilliant Vanadinite dazzling with a deep and striking red color, as well as its high luster and attractive hexagonal prism crystals. Its crystals are perfectly formed in a way that almost makes it appear unnatural, but it really is one of Mother Nature’s amazing creations. It is quite rare and, as a result, is prized by collectors.

In spiritual and metaphysical circles, vanadinite is held in high regard as a powerful crystal for boosting creativity and encouraging one to take action.

Vanadinite is far from common, and it is an incredible mineral to add to any collection. Whether you are interested in it for its purported metaphysical powers or you are drawn to it for its beauty and unique appearance, it is sure to become the centerpiece of your collection.

We at Joshua Stone Company™️ always approach such traditions with respect for cultural contexts and personal beliefs.

This is one of a kind piece. You will receive the exact Vanadinite as pictured.

Origin: Mibladen, Morocco

Product Specifications:
Height: 3.5in
Depth: 3.5in
Width: 6.5 in
Weight: 2.6lb

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