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Red Phantom Quartz Cluster

Red Phantom Quartz Cluster

Gorgeous cluster of Red Phantom Quartz from the mines of Telangana in Southern India. While it is rare to find Phantom Quartz, the quality and color of the crystals from this are of the world are uniquely superb.

The phenomenon that is this unpolished Red Phantom Quartz crystal is incredibly mesmerizing. The story behind the name derives from the phantom crystal contained inside. This happens during the growth of a clear crystal that had a pause in its growth due to a natural earthly catastrophe.

The paused crystal is covered by Hematite, an iron oxide that responsible for the red hue. Over time, as the clear crystal continued to grow the Hematite inscribed within as an inclusion that results in the red phantom crystal contained inside. 

This Red Phantom Quartz is an earthly demonstration of our own capacity to grow through all circumstances.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. You will receive the exact Red Phantom Quartz pictured.

 Product Specifications:
Height: 7.2in; 182mm
Width: 9.5in; 241mm
Weight: 4.9kg; 10.8lbs

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