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Tumbled Quartz Set

Tumbled Quartz Set

Our curated selection of tumbled quartz ethically sourced from our mines Brazil, tumbled and polished by skilled artisans.

Dating back 300 million years, gemstones are infused with ancient vibrational information, each is unique and beautifully inspiring.

You will receive our premium Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz set stop a Selenite plate.

Clear Quartz serves to purify and cleanse your space while amplifying higher vibrations to ensure you reach your higher purpose in life.

Rose Quartz is considered the stone of unconditional Love. It challenges you to seek youth, peace, beauty.

Smoky Quartz helps one ground themselves to Earth. This stone is here to assist in not only clearing your mind but to allow you to be more level headed.

Selenite regarded at a cleansing crystal slices through the air cleansing and recharging any environment it's placed in. It helps remove negative energies that may have been picked up throughout our daily routines.

You will receive tumbled stones similar to those photographed, selected at random from our inventory. Please allow for some variance between stones.

Product Specifications:
4 inch Selenite Circle Charging Plate
Tumbled stones selected at random ranging in color and size from 0.75-1in.

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