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Black Opal Palm Stones

Black Opal Palm Stones

Resembling chocolate fudge, Black Opal is a type of opal that is characterized by a dark body tone, often ranging from dark gray to black. What distinguishes black opal and makes it highly prized is its vibrant play-of-color, which is the result of microscopic silica spheres diffracting light. This play-of-color can display a full spectrum of colors, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic appearance within the dark background.

The dynamic play-of-color in black opal is associated with inspiration and creativity. It is thought to encourage artistic expression and boost imaginative thinking.

We at Joshua Stone Company™️ always approach such traditions with respect for cultural contexts and personal beliefs.

You will receive one palm stone similar to those photographed, selected at random from our inventory. Please allow for some variance between stones.

Origin: Australia

Weight: 135-150g

Dimensions: Approximately 2.6-2.8in H * 2.2-2.4in W


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