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Green Colombian Amber

Green Colombian Amber

Green Colombian Amber encapsulating the life of multiple insects within this natural resin. 

Green Colombian Amber, also known as is a highly valued gemstone with several notable benefits. Here are a few of its advantages:

Green Colombian amber exhibits a captivating range of hues, ranging from pale green to deep forest green. Its vibrant color and natural translucency make it a sought-after gemstone for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Colombian amber is formed from the fossilized resin of ancient trees. Its origin in prehistoric forests adds to its appeal, as it provides a connection to the Earth's history and showcases the beauty of nature's craftsmanship.

Like other varieties of amber, green Colombian amber is believed to possess healing properties. It is thought to have a calming effect on the mind and body, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and emotional balance.

Green Colombian amber's unique color and charm make it a versatile gemstone for jewelry design. Its natural elegance complements various styles and outfits, allowing individuals to express their personal taste while wearing a gem with a distinct character.

High-quality Colombian amber, especially in rarer colors like green, can appreciate in value over time. Its scarcity, combined with its inherent beauty and desirability, makes it an attractive investment option for gemstone enthusiasts.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. You will receive the exact Colombian Amber pictured.

Origin: Colombia

Product Specifications:
Height: 69.9mm/2.5in
Depth: 16.3mm/0.64in
Width: 32.6mm/1.28in
Weight: 20g

Display stand not included.

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