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Gorgeously gleaming Galena from the Sweetwater Mine in Missouri, historically known for its production of Galena.

This mineral has a metallic luster and is often found in cubic or octahedral crystal formations. Galena has been utilized for various purposes, including lead extraction, in batteries, and historically in makeup due to its dark color.

Galena is associated with several supposed benefits, such as grounding energy, enhancing one's ability to find balance, and promoting harmony.

Some attribute Galena with spiritual growth and inner transformation, claiming it helps in aligning energies and connecting to the Earth's energy. 

You will receive one Galena cluster similar to those photographed, selected at random from our inventory. Please allow for some variance between stones.

Origin: Sweetwater Mine, Missouri 

Approximate Product Specifications:

Height: 1.25 in

Width: 1.24 in




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