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Amethyst Agate

Amethyst Agate

Beautiful Amethyst Agate slab sourced from Brazil. This natural gemstone has been cut and hand-polished to enhance the smooth, glossy luster of the stone's surface.

Combining the aesthetic beauty of Amethyst and Agate, this stone is truly unique and a lovely addition to enhance the beauty and balance of your space.

Amethyst Agate combines the metaphysical properties of Amethyst and Agate. This stone is very grounding and stabilizing, but also inspires spirituality and connection to higher planes of consciousness.

Our Amethyst Agate slabs come in varying shape and size options, select from the below options to view pricing.


Product Specifications:

Height: 129mm / 5in
Width: 104mm / 4.1in
Depth: 22mm / 0.83 in
Weight: 502g / 1lb 1.7oz



Height: 140mm / 5.5
Width: 74mm / 2.9in
Depth: 22.4mm / 0.88 in
Weight: 444g / 15.7oz

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